SUMMER 2022 - Which dress to wear for a wedding?

Summer is here and with it the beautiful wedding season! Whether it's your sister's wedding, your best friend's wedding or your office mate's wedding, you want to feel beautiful, comfortable and elegant in your outfit.
Wedding season is also the time to wear more sophisticated dresses than the usual little black dress. Back Cartel was created to make you shine in all simplicity, all our outfits can be worn and carried over for different occasions: a wedding, a birthday, a dinner, a going-away party or even a date to seduce your loved one.
In this article, we help you dress for your next wedding, answering many of your questions, whether it is the number of outfits to wear at a wedding, the length of the dress to adopt, or the choice of his or her outfit depending on the weather.
Back Cartel's editorial team has put together a selection of the perfect outfits for your summer weddings. Are you ready to find your next favorite outfit that will put stars in everyone's eyes? Come on, follow us.

How to choose my wedding guest outfit?

What to wear to a church wedding?

At a church wedding, you want to respect traditions and customs. This is not the time to wear sheer fabric, an open dress, or a plunging neckline. Save those options for the reception. At the church, opt for a classic, neutral look. Our new collection was designed with your summer wedding in mind. In particular, the Tina jumpsuit, perfect for a church wedding, accessorized with a hem to cover your shoulders. Its straight cut, its pants and its belt at the waist will give you a 70's look while remaining classic and respectful. Choose the long jumpsuit in lilac or powder pink, radiant and discreet colors for a religious wedding.
If you prefer to have your shoulders covered for the religious ceremony and the weather remains cool, the 3:00PM long dress is THE solution. Available in orange and yellow, this dress gives you a classic chic look by revealing very little of your body. Two slits on the legs suggest a sexy side in all discretion. The most, you can easily wear it with a bra.

What dress to wear for a civil wedding?

Civil marriage unites two lovers in front of the state. It represents stability, responsibility, and commitment. It is common to get married at City Hall before anything else; before being united before God and then celebrating the union at a reception. The wedding at the town hall often takes place between 11am and 3pm. As a result, in the summer, it gets very hot at this time. Therefore, we recommend that you wear a light dress, preferably sleeveless. Of course, Back Cartel has thought of everything! The short Mia dress is perfect for this occasion. It exists in 4 colors (black, white, beige, pink), but for the town hall, we recommend you to opt for the beige or pink. Accompanied by heels, this dress with thin straps, light transparent details at the front and a ravaging bare back will give you a look that is both chic and casual.

How to dress for a wedding party?

Once the civil wedding and the religious ceremony are over, it's time to celebrate the love of two beings in a festive and relaxed atmosphere, in short it's time to party. In terms of dress code, anything goes, so be bold and daring!
Dare the color and dare the plunging bare back with the Midnight bare back long dress, a long dress that will make more than one fall over. This delightful dress reveals your back and highlights your cleavage with its cowl neck and thin adjustable straps in the back. The shiny satin of this evening dress gives a festival of canes look that we will not refuse for a wedding. In pink, tangerine, or black, this dress will be the perfect companion to make you dance the night away. To be worn with a small pair of comfortable heels.
In another style, the Milou short dress, in satin material, with a plunging and elegant bare back and a gathered front, will be the ideal companion for a wedding party. Available in green and orange to shine all night.


what to wear for a wedding this summer? backless dresses are the go to with Back Cartel


What are the dress codes for a wedding?

What colors should I wear to a wedding?

For a wedding, choose bright and optimistic colors, which suggest the eternal blooming of the bride and groom. Back Cartel's colors are the definition of this: the pink of the long Kimi dress, or the Tangerine of the Midnight dress are all sparkling colors for a happy wedding.
Pastel is also a good color choice for a daytime wedding, it is elegant and refined. Back Cartel's new Renda collection has outfits in pastel pink, a timeless color and perfect for a ceremony.
Finally, you can also go for a naughty print. The pink zebra print is the proof: it is our best-seller of this summer! You'll find it in the 6:00PM long dress, and in the Jack & Rose skirt and top set, for a more daring effect.
PS: did you know that it is possible to wear black to a wedding...? Yes, in moderation, with a colorful accessory, or a natural hat, black is allowed widely. And for the wedding party, even more, opt for a sexy and elegant black dress, such as the Pacar 2.0 long dress, or the 9:30PM short dress.

Which wedding guest outfit to opt for depending on the weather?

Rain or shine, a wedding will always be a happy event! On the other hand, who wants to have a muddy dress at the end of the evening? For this reason, if the weather is not on the bride and groom's side, if it is raining (although the saying goes, "rainy wedding, happy wedding") and if the reception is held outside, we recommend that you opt for a short dress with long sleeves: the Marlo dress, and the 9:30PM dress. These 3 dresses are elegant and offer flattering cuts for a body that is liberated with class, to dance all night long, while staying warm thanks to their long sleeves.
If the wedding is taking place at the end of the summer and the days are beautiful but getting cooler, opt for one of the Back Cartel long dresses. The Pacar 2.0 halter dress worn with a hemline, or the Kimi linen maxi dress with its low back and front necklines are elegant and refined for your late summer weddings.

Do I have to have several outfits for the same wedding?

Of course, of course, Yes! We don't force you to do anything of course, but a wedding is an opportunity to reveal yourself, so play the game and show off with several outfits. Alternate the colors, the length of your dresses, the forms of cleavage, the bare backs, the sleeves, in short change your outfit yes. If you are on a budget, you can also adopt one outfit and accessorize it differently throughout the wedding.

I hesitate between a halter top and a neckline for a wedding, what to do?

Without being biased (no, not at all), we recommend a halter top. At a wedding, you don't want anyone to fall into your plunging neckline and look away from the bride. Elegant and ultra-feminine, the halter top reveals nothing while suggesting a lot.
The choice can also be made according to the age of the bride and groom. If it's a young and festive wedding, dare and bet on both: an open neckline and a bare back as with the 9:30PM dress which have the same indentation in the front and in the back.
If you're afraid of the bare back and want to stay quite sober and elegant without cleavage, bet on the long dress with long sleeves 3:00PM. It can easily be worn without a bra for larger breasts and its adjustable belt gives it an elegant and timeless look.

All this special wedding selection has been concocted to make you feel beautiful, elegant, ravishing, chic, seductive, delicious and sexy for a successful wedding. We hope you will find THE outfit of your dreams. Now it's time to celebrate. Long live to the bride and groom!

which dress to wear for a wedding? Back Cartel has the perfect outfit for you: elegant, chic, backless, and colourful

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