5 tips for wearing a backless dress without a bra

Back Cartel is THE French brand that specialises in backless dresses and tops...from plunging open back tops, to rounded backless tops, to V-shaped bareback tops...all kinds of back openings that will sublimate your outfit with ease.


But okay, a bareback dress is nice, but how should I wear it? With a bra? I don't want my bra band to show. But wait, there is a technique to hide your bra with a bareback. Or should I wear it without a bra? but what if my breasts fall out?  And if we see my nipples? What will people think? Oh oh, but don't panic, we've got some tips to wear a beautiful bareback without embarrassment, so you can feel liberated and feminine while revealing with an elegant and sexy backless outfit from one of our Back Cartel designs.

Asserting yourself as a Woman without a bra is possible (and even recommended) 

The bra, that controversial accessory... For so many years, the bra was synonymous with femininity, scientifically recommended to avoid having a flabby chest.

But that's not true (and fortunately). Today, a study proves that women who no longer wear a bra gain an average of 7mm of nipple lift per year thanks to Cooper's ligaments, which are responsible for maintaining and firming the breasts.

The bra is also known to block your lymphatic circulation, sometimes causing pathologies in this area. It is therefore important to release toxins by massaging your breasts or by not wearing a bra. 

Hands up women who take off their bras when they pass the door of their home as a sign of deliverance. Yes, wearing a bra can also cause back and muscle pain, as well as redness from the pressure of the underwire and straps.

So don't waste another second, to firm up your chest, release toxins, and reduce back pain, don't put anything on, free yourself from that uncomfortable and restrictive bra.

Time for some tips: With or without a bra, learn how to wear a backless outfit without constraint.

1- A useful accessory: adhesive nipple covers

Small, discreet and practical, nipple covers remain an essential way to wear a bareback top or dress without a bra. Thanks to nipple covers, your nipples won't show, and they will perfectly camouflage your chest if your top is slightly transparent. Adhesive, they stick easily to the skin and are reusable. Don't forget to add them to your cart when you buy your next Back Cartel outfit.

shop the best nipple covers in silicone and reusable to wear your backless dresses with style

2- A homemade tip: use scotch tape. 

Are you the type of woman to get ready at the last minute? Do you absolutely want to wear this new Back Cartel backless dress you just got? But as you try it on, you realise that you're not comfortable with your nipples showing through the garment.

Don't worry, we have a solution for you: take the tape you probably have in one of your catchall drawers and place two pieces of tape in a cross shape on each boob. That's it, you're in your new Back Cartel open-back dress and ready to party all night long.

3- A symbol of the strong and feminine woman: Assume the #no-bra

Free yourself from the dictates of society and assume the #no-bra. Ignore the gaze of others. We are often blocked by the fact that all eyes are potentially on us without a bra, while people are not looking at us more (or less) with or without a bra. And in the end, who cares if people look at you? Live the life you want to live and don't stop at what people think.

Adopt the #nobra attitude and live your best life wearing Back Cartel dresses

If you're not 100% ready for the #no-bra just yet, you can start by going braless at home, during an online meeting for example. And then start by putting on several layers without a bra when you go out, or add a scarf that falls over your chest to cover it lightly. There are plenty of ways to get into the #no-bra movement while being comfortable, right up to fully embracing it in all circumstances. And what a freedom it is not to wear a bra!


4- Choose the bareback dress or top that suits you: according to its shape, its material and its colour

Depending on the cut of your open-back dress or top, its material and its colour, it is more or less easy to hide that you don't have a bra. So here are some ways to go unnoticed without a bra and a bareback:

  • Tops or dresses with loose, flowing shapes and wide cuts allow your chest to breathe without being compressed. Your nipples are not visible, and neither is the shape of your boobs. It's a comfortable option for an elegant and free back.
  • To be comfortable without a bra, we also recommend opting for thicker fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Linen for example is our favourite fabric to combine a bareback braless. The Maya Jumpsuit is the perfect proof: you will find support, your chest will be highlighted, and your nipples will remain invisible. 
    Choose thick fabrics to wear no bra with no stress
    • Not surprisingly, dark colours and patterned prints will reveal less of your braless chest. Our famous pink zebra print, for example, is ideal for keeping your boobs from showing. The white colour, on the other hand, being a must-have colour for the Back Cartel brand, is regularly double-lined for less transparency.
    Wear patterned fabrics without a bra so it doesn't show your nipples


    5- A good compromise between support and a bareback: having a bra with detachable straps

    This is a simple and effective trick that we discovered on TikTok. It only requires a bra with detachable straps.

    Here are the steps to follow for hiding a bra under a backless outfit: 

    • Remove the straps from the bra
    • Attach each strap of the underwear to the bra fastening: one strap will be tied at the clips while the other will be attached to the hooks of the fastening. The straps should be placed at each end of the underwear.
    • Then position your bra normally around your chest. The difference is that you need to wrap the bra straps around and hook them together at the front of your body.
    • Then adjust the straps so that they don't show on your back. 

      And voilaaa, you're wearing a sexy backless top and a bra that's neither seen nor known.

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      We hope all these tips will help you shine with elegance with a Back Cartel outfit. Don't wait any longer and join the Backless Cartel today. 

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